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Ale Couperus

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

- Thomas Watson, Sr.


Managing director Ale Couperus:



It all started a long time ago. Born in Ireland, he was the oldest son of  Dutch parents. Already since hundredth of years his family has been one of entrepreneurs. They were manufacturers, businessman and also very creative people.

Some of them were worldwide famous writers and poets. He was lucky and inherited best of both characteristics.

Over 30 years ago he started as an export manager in the interior and furniture business. After a short time he learned that he was not only interested in selling the products worldwide, but also in creating them. So he got involved in the whole process from the designing, developing until the final product and selling them.

Seeking out beautiful leathers and fabrics has always been a labour of love for him. He has travelled all over the world from New York to Tokio and still does by selling furniture.  By visiting leather tanneries in Italy, Spain, South America and South Africa, we are able to create beautiful new looks for a unique surface on leather hides and make them usable for furniture with an exclusive look.

His inspiration for the designs, he gets from all the impressions that he experiences while travelling around the world. Sometimes it’s a building, a fashion shop, just someone walking on the street, talking to someone in a foreign country..that inspirers him.. He has lived and worked in France, Holland and since over ten years lives in Malta.

Since living in Malta, the country and its long and interesting history, it excites and inspires him even more to create and find partners to work with and sell the collections all over the world. A lot of clients and team that he works with, know him over 25 years…so also they have a long history together.. they became friends and reliable business partners..